We Have Our First Batch of Angee Samples!

Tomas Turek, April 19, 2017

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying the spring sunshine! Last time we talked we had just finished the final phase of development (EVT) and were getting ready to move into the fun part: manufacturing!


Working closely with our manufacturing partner Sky Light, we worked around the clock to make a batch of 170 sample Angee devices. The production was done using the same metal, plastic, and silicone pieces that we will use to make the final product, and now that the batch is finished we have all the molds needed for mass production (28 pieces in total).


Though it’s months away, here at Angee it feels more like Christmas, because the new samples from our batch just arrived from China!

This is our largest sample batch to date, and gets us significantly closer to having a production line that’s ready for mass production! Big thanks to our CTO Rosta for going to China to oversee the process, and for snapping these pics!

Camera PCBA waiting for device assembly

Assembling our unique fresnel lens (a necessary component for proper motion detection)

We love our crew!

The samples are currently being put through several scores of tests to make them ready for certifications and final fine-tuning. Testing should finish in the next couple of weeks, at which time we will fine-tune our design based on testing results and build another sample batch of 140 units.


There are two major milestones about our next sample batch. First, we should be done fine-tuning hardware, so the next sample batch will be identical to the final units that will be sent to your homes. Second, some of the units from the next batch will be used for Beta Testing!


We can’t wait get Angee in the hands of testers to help us fine-tune our software and user experience. It brings us ever closer to creating an amazing system which will help secure homes all over the world! That’s all from me for now.

Talk to you soon! Best, Tomas and the Angee Team

Angee partners with Audio Analytic to bring Artificial Audio Intelligence to the world’s first autonomous Home Security system

Tomas Turek, January 6, 2017

Since its successful campaign on Kickstarter, Angee has been developing an automated, cloud-based Home Security solution which will be introduced to the US market in early 2017.


The innovative system is the first of its kind, providing reliable, automated home security without requiring constant human attention and operation. Audio Analytic has pioneered the development and commercialisation of intelligent sound recognition using advanced machine learning. Audio Analytic’s ai3™ software can be embedded in Smart Home devices, enabling them to recognise a range of sounds within the home and take automated action. All sound recognition is conducted on device with no requirement to stream audio to the cloud, ensuring user privacy, security and peace of mind.


Thanks to this partnership, Angee will have ai3™ inside, enabling the system to recognise and respond to a range of significant noises in the Smart Home including the sounds of a window breaking and a smoke alarm at the time of the release. Software updates will enable new ai3™ sound profiles and features to be continually added to Angee after its release. Angee CEO Tomas Turek said “We’re thrilled to announce this partnership with Audio Analytic. Their Artificial Audio Intelligence will enhance Angee’s already robust monitoring and threat detection capabilities by allowing the system to understand the context of audio events and take the appropriate automated action to protect our customers and their homes.” Audio Analytic CEO and founder, Chris Mitchell said, “Angee did exceptionally well on Kickstarter because it has a unique customer proposition that resonates with end-users.


People are looking for devices that open up compelling new ways to live smarter, but without the need for their constant observation and interaction. By incorporating our ai3™ platform, Angee is among the first companies to live up to the true promise of the Smart Home – a home where devices understand their environment and take appropriate automated action without the need for continuous human interaction and control.”

New Year’s Update

Tomas Turek, January 4, 2017

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!


Tomas here to fill you in on what we’ve been up to the last while. As you can imagine there’s a bunch to report, so let’s get to it! We have made tremendous strides since beginning collaboration with our manufacturing partner Sky Light Imaging. Together we really made our product better in some areas that we deemed important (like the 360° rotation, range of the Security Tags, audio design, camera sensitivity in low light, and many others) where the expertise of our world-class manufacturing partner, and also of the other experts we involved, really showed up. These solutions improved the quality of the product while also making it easier to manufacture.We have also completed the final phase of development: Engineering Verification Test (EVT).


During EVT we put pre-production samples through a battery of tests to make sure that all the parts of the different systems perform together properly. Though this phase is notoriously tricky and can often add unexpected delays, I’m pleased to report that we’ve completed this phase on schedule and are ready to jump straight into the manufacturing process. Of course we have no intention of slowing down — quite the opposite in fact. There are some important tasks to check before the product is ready for production, and we are going into the depths of our software and hardware designs to ensure the use of the product is elegant and intuitive. We have also made significant progress with our cloud system, which is controlling the entire solution and empowering its smart features. We can’t wait to get it into your hands soon!


With that in mind, let’s get back to it! Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2017.



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