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"Angee promises to look and listen attentively to keep your home safe”

"The most impressive home security product I've reviewed"

"Angee is adding some computer starts to create an automated security system that is portable"

"Unparalleled protection and brilliant innovation."

"Unparalleled protection and brilliant innovation."

"Angee will revolutionize home security”

Robert Siciliano

Redefining Home Security

Existing security systems are dumb and frustrating to use. Angee combines complex technology and beautiful design in an intelligent system that’s personalized, completely automated and incredibly easy to use. Did you know that...

every 13 seconds someone breaks into a home in the U.S.?

41% of burglaries happen when the system isn`t armed?

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Home security is a necessity, but it doesn`t have to be a burden. Even when you are home, Angee`s got you covered. Record and stream videos, check your calendar — it`s voice controlled and very clever.

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Works like magic

Angee knows when you come and go, so it can fully automate security – so there is less for you to worry about. Angee will look after the things that mean the most to you.

Protects everything

Angee does not just watch the room it`s in but it also monitors every entrance point around the perimeter of your home. Angee uses sensors to identify

people coming in.

Angee hears you

With two-step authentication combining at the door identification and voice recognition, your home is completely safe. Use your voice as backup when your phone is dead.

The smoothest mobile experience

Whether it`s your smartphone, iPad or your smart watch, we have designed the mobile experience to be the perfect natural extension of the experience you have using Angee. Connect to your home from anywhere and instantly understand what’s going on there.

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What can Angee do?

360° rotation

Angee has 360° visibility and motion-tracking technology so it will automatically turn towards whatever is happening in the vicinity.

Full perimeter security

Simply stick motion sensors on the doors and windows, and Angee will know exactly who comes and goes.


The seamless mobile app gives you remote access to your home and immediately notifies you if something out of the ordinary happens.

Voice recognition

Angee can understand what you say and recognize who you are. Your personal password only works in your voice.

Autonomous Arm/Disarm

Angee has 360° visibility and motion-tracking technology so it will automatically turn towards whatever is happening in the vicinity.

10 hours of streaming battery

The built-in battery enables Angee to sustain power in case of a power outage. Angee will notify you and continue to record and stream any activity at home.


Privacy mode

Motion sensor

Record, stream, & share


Angee isn`t only about security


Cooking dinner while your kid is playing in her room? Keep an eye on her with Angee`s 360-degree activity-based rotation camera and 10-hour battery.

Stream, Share & Communicate

Angee supports two-way hands-free communication. It can also record, stream and share videos of anything you want. Simply take Angee where the action is!

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